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Kief Labs International Shipping

International Shipping Details

To provide a better shipping experience for our customers, we decided to give our best tips we have learned when dealing with international orders.

Ensuring that the shipping experience after an order is placed goes smooth as possible, please consider the following:


  1.  Our Brands are spread out through different countries, select brands will be cheaper to get to your front door than others.

We get customers calling us from all over the world and there are two main factors to consider included with the price of the products on our stores. 1)Shipping 2)Duties.

Shipping is based on the weight of the item, majority of the time these details for the product are in the Technical Specs or Specification Tabs on our product pages as shown below. 

Expect higher Shipping charges & Duty Fees if the item is above 35lbs and is not in the United States.

While we do have some products housed in Europe, Canada and Asia, majority of our products are being shipped from the United States.

2. Duties Fee

When ordering a product that has no option but to be imported in from a different country there are two main factors which will determine the cost of the Duty fees:

Weight & Where it's Coming from.

To avoid the shock of a big tab for Duties, determine your duties for the product by using this Duty Calculator 

For most items on our store, we are using the Outdoors-> Power tools category, listing the price a Canadian payed. ***Please note that you are using the exact amount your package was before shipping*** 

We have tried it on a couple orders and compared to the actual duty costs for our customers, it had some variance at times but for the most part was pretty accurate. 

As it says in the page, its an estimate and actual costs are up to the duty officer, but this calculator can give you a good idea of what to expect.


3.  Taxes

Since we are operating out of Toronto, Ontario we have to charge our Canadian Customers HST on their orders. Worldwide shipping on any other country will be free of any taxes paid in your country.


At Kief Labs, we want to make it as easy as possible to get your package from us to your front door! Contact Us on our messenger, call or use our Contact Us form for help!



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