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How to Become Experienced in Hydroponics

We are working on bringing you more awesome info to learn hydroponics and this page will be updated frequently. As always, we welcome any feedback regarding new things to write about, please contact us here!

1) Get Involved in a Meetup Group for Hydroponics somewhere in your area: check on kijiji, google,


2) Read our Posts, more informative posts coming soon. We are open for suggestions and collaborations!  

If you're just getting introduced to the idea of Hydroponics, you can brush up on the terms and the basics by checking out our Hydroponics 101 Post. 


3) Learn from our favorite resources to become more experienced in Horticulture within the context of the Marijuana Industry.  


Upstart Farmers

    Upstart Farmers has some really great courses to introduce someone to hydroponic farming, they help you find modern farm in your area, and educate the community with some really solid blog posts. Some of our favorite blog posts from Upstart Farmers are:


    Monster Smash Rosin Press                        


    If you are looking for more information around extraction, oils, rosin, vaporizing, and cannabis health uses, Skunk Pharm is an awesome site with some real unique content.



    420 Beginner

    This is one of our favorite blogs as there is an expansive catalog of topics such as 101 crash courses, information on LED Grow Lights, Bud Trimmer Reviews



    Rollitup Forum

    We absolutely love this forum, (so much that we're actually in there all the time starting new threads!) From Beginners Guides, to nearly any horticulture topic you can think of,'s database of threads is a very rich source of content for someone to learn more about Hydroponics and Growing Cannabis.


    4) Go to to Learn from Projects

    You can always learn something new at, stay curious and browse all kinds of projects to build.

    Some of our Favorite Posts Include:



    5) Get Industry Certified Credentials

    The $199 Industry Accredited Certification Teaches You:

    • How To Grow Marijuana- From Start to Finish (Hydroponics, Lighting, Propagation, Disease Control, other related maintenance regarding the growth process.
    • Marijuana Cooking & Extractions- I.E. Rosin Presses and other forms of Ingestion
    • Marijuana Laws & Regulations- Relevant for anyone in the Industry
    • Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery Service Management- For an understanding of the Business to Consumer Forefront.
    • Becoming a Budtender - Essential Skills Training- Understanding the Direct Experience for A Customer Purchasing from a Dispensary.
    This program will give you the knowledge to understand the bigger picture in the realm of Hydroponics and Sustainable Farming. Cannabis Training University offers industry recognized certifications, sign up here.  

    6) Search for Local Aquaponics and Hydrofarms near you

    Being able to visit commercial farms or Consulting Agencies is always a great opportunity to meet more people and help connect you to the industry.

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